World of ARC

ARC Limited Company, stemed roots since 1978, has aimed to produce saddlery roducts and succeeded to be one of the reputable companies Turkey - wide in related business field. 

Our History


Mr. Ahmed,  founder of ARC Leather, has been working in leather sector for 35 years and he was named as master in leather.

Yet, his kind contributions to development of ARC Leather is considered as an inevitable fact. Up-to-toda, Mr.Ahmed has been continuing his operation in production unit in Istanbul with his 50 employess. The perfectionist approach, which is the core of ARC Leather production policy, created highes level of craftwork available. Thus, the company has become well- know as having best labour work in the field.

ARC Leather mostly aims to operate in domestic market providing product various reatilers. The company mostly produce women leather accessories and aims to provide best quality service to end users in fashion field.

ARC company is official member of Turkish Leather Council.



Arc House


With its 60 high - tech engine machine park in its production unit, ARC Leather owns same level of technology with famous brand manufacturer which serves an easier medium for labourers to produce best quality product in shortes periof of time.

The company organizes to manage most administrative policy between employers and labourers in its production unit of 1700 square m2 in most efficient way.




Our Commitment


ARC aims to cooparete with reputable luxury brands all over the world.

To set up a medium of dialogue between Asia Europe by using its advantageous location as well as to be linked with various companies in Eu market and to export to Middle Asian and European market according to market needs.